Program Overview

1: The Principles of Creative Knowledge Work

Why we need Tech Sherpas, Change Agents, and Media Designers now!

  • Introduction to the Maui Mind Academy.

  • Getting to know each other.

  • Q&A.

2: Tech Sherpa Basecamp I

Personal Knowledge Management Fundamentals

In this module, we cover tools and practices for establishing a fluid, agile digital basecamp to improve personal productivity, maximize flow and minimize digital. Apps used: Google Drive. Evernote. Notion. Pinterest.

3: Tech Sherpa Basecamp II

Virtual Teaming and the Architecture of Collaboration

Module 4: Systems Change Dojo I

Innovator's Compass and Design Research

Module 5: Systems Change Dojo II

Framework Thinking and The Art of Synthesis

Module 6: Systems Change Dojo III

Concept Development and Rapid Prototyping

Module 7: Media Design Studio I

Key Concepts and Valuable Resources

Module 8: Media Design Studio II

Advanced Techniques and Peer Portfolio Review

Modules 9-12: Mission Launchpad

Team Project (Applied Study, Action Learning Project)

    • Define the Challenge

    • Conduct Research

    • Identify Opportunity Areas

    • Develop Solutions

    • Run Experiments and Collect Data

    • Talk Story and Celebration: Present Findings and Proposals

Mission Foundations (8 weeks)

  • 16 (Live) Instruction Hours of original course material developed from 20 years of professional practice in the fields of design and innovation, cultivated from working with IDEO, Stanford d-School, and MIT Sloan School of Management.

  • 16 Office Hours for Q&A, counseling and guidance.

  • Expected weekly time commitment: 6-8 hours

Tuition $800

Mission Launchpad (4 weeks)

Team coaching sessions: 2 hours weekly

2-4 Field trips: empathy building exercises, subject matter immersions and expert interviews.

Tuition $400*

*We are seeking mission challenge sponsors to defer the cost of tuition.

Live Sessions Weekly

  • Tuesday downloads. Each Tuesday at 9am HST, we'll introduce the topic and challenge for the week. (2 hours)

  • Thursday office hours. To answer questions there are 2 hours of weekly office hours via Zoom at 9am HST and again at 4pm HST on Thursdays. (2 hours)

  • Templates and other resources. For any of the weekly topic sessions, you'll also get access to a library of resources and templates to support your learning journey.