Design Tinking Everywhere All at Once

From Design Thinking to Design Tinking

Mind Map of Tinkering by Giulia Forsythe for @GrantPotter "Tinkering, Learning, and the Adjacent Possible"

Learning by Doing, or Tinkering, is an essential design thinking practice and foundational to being a human-centered systems change agent.

Tinkering brings the designer-thinker-practitioner out of theoretical space, "Out of the Building" (OOB), and interacting with the real world.

As we tinker, working with available materials, interfacing with real people, in specific places rich in culture and context, we are developing praxis – applied theory and embodied skills.

Out in the real world, we are making discoveries that can only be found through presence (love) and participation (power).

You are a quantum particle that is both observer and actor becoming ever more aware of the impact of your attention, consciously shaping how your presence and actions may be perceived and received, and clear inwardly and outwardly with your intentions.

Design Tinking asks you to take the conversation out of the classroom, boardroom, and Zoom room and step into the world beyond screens, statistics, and sound bites.

Design Tinking invites you to bring your ideas to life, embodied as living prototypes – you are living the question. You are the prototype. Boldly challenge your own assumptions. Critically conduct small experiments in learning through living. Lean into co-creative play and welcome the unknown, unplanned, and unexpected as teachers.

Design Tinking Everywhere All At Once

The Interweb of Design Tinking

Letʻs move deeper into the intersection of human-centered systems change, principles of living systems. and theoretical physics.

What if were more connected observer-actors, seeing-feeling-thinking-doing, connecting-influencing-informing-inspiring each other, creating webs of conspiracy, leagues of confederacy, and mycelial plots for the health of community, ʻāina, and gaia?

We could call this i of presencing "Design Tinking Everywhere All At Once".

Are you interest in being a node?

Artist: Phoebe Rathmell – Indra’s Net

Human-Centered Systems Change Process

Call to Action

Our mission is to support a network of connected, curious, empowered design tinkers

Workshops are a tool for exposing the community to the concept of Design Tinking.

Creating deeper connections between human-centered change agents will allow space for tinkering
to be done with varied groups of people, working towards solutions to the same issues.

Sometimes all people need is a way to connect, a way to make collaborative design tinkering
accessible enough to become a daily practice.

Bigger and better ideas can be formed when people work together,
with different perspectives converging on the same problems leading to innovative answers.

Bringing ideas to life together, growing the next generation of creative catalysts in Hawai'i begins here
with Design Tinking Everywhere All at Once. Do you wish to be a part of this organization of human-centered tinkerers?

Mini Design Tinking Sampo' Session

Step 1
Orientation & Alignment

  • Letʻs talk story, see if an introduction to design tinking is right for your group

Step 2
Planning & Logistics

  • Letʻs find the right time, place, and attendees for an introduction to design tinking.

Step 3
Presence & Practice

  • Letʻs get our first hands-on experience with a small design tinking exercise. Can be done online or in-person.

3 Day Design Tinking Deep Dive

Day 1
Orientation & Grounding

We gather in a shared space – physical or virtual – to connect with each other, share diverse perspectives, develop a common language for addressing complex issues, and go into the field to gain empathy and direct experience in a shared challenge.

Day 2
Synthesis & Solutioning

As a group, we begin to process what we learned from direct experience and can intuit from observation and prior knowledge. Collective sense-making is facilitated by visual frameworks that provide structure to see relationships and develop powerful metaphors for understanding.

Day 3
Launch & Learn

With a shared understanding of the challenge and identification of intervention areas, we brainstorm and prototype solutions to bring back into the field to test assumptions and gather new insights – evolving and experimenting continuously.

Launching Fall 2022

Back to School Kits

Many people face an increasing amount of stress as a new season of school approaches, teachers and students alike. In order to mitigate some of this stress, Maui Mind Academy is working towards the creation of Back to School starter kits. Within these kits, sets of universal goals to accomplish, methods to organize and aid time management, home activities, as well as room for you to use Design Thinking to help solve the problem of back to school stress will be included.

Stress we feel impacts everyone in society, not just ourselves. This makes it even more important to take care of yourself in order to be ready to help others.

Milestones and Timeline

Clarify Offering & Prototype Minimum Viable Canoe

(SUMMER 2022)

Launch & Learn with
First Wave Crew

(AUTUMN 2022)

Refine Offering &
Expand Network

(WINTER 2022)

Stand Up A Small

(SPRING 2023)

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